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Central Vacuum Cleaning

Duct & Mist offers Central Vacuum Cleaning as yet another essential service that plays a vital role in securing a clean and healthy indoor environment, as well as assuring top performance of your central vacuum system.

Central vacuum owners often take notice of how much cleaner the air is inside their homes, and allergy sufferers typically notice a reduction in their allergies.  Studies were done on this phenomenon, and proved that central vacuums do in fact keep the air cleaner than portable vacuums. But for your central vacuum to function efficiently and remain in its most powerful condition, it is recommended to have it cleaned on a yearly basis.


We perform a deep cleaning of your entire system with a powerful truck-mounted unit which promises to remove gallons of dirt, dust, dander and other pollutants from the vacuum flow bucket and ensures its efficiency remains intact.


  • Central Vac Cleaning

  • Improve its efficiency and durability

  • Keeps your home healthy and clean


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